Fatigue and Shiftwork: Why is Everyone So Tired 24/7?

Monday, May 23 | 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM


Ergonomics, Safety

Arranger: S. Gibson, Ergonomics Applications, Salem, SC. Moderator: S. Gibson, Ergonomics Applications, Salem, SC. Monitors: S. Gallagher, Auburn University, Auburn, AL; B. Finder, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, WI.

When accidents happen whether on the highway, in factories, in the air, or elsewhere, the investigations often reveal that fatigue was a significant contributing factor. Operating in a 24/7 society has a cost: disrupted sleep patterns, insufficient rest, etc. We will discuss many of the problems and how companies have tried to solve them.

Fatigue and Work: The Science Behind the Problem and Solutions C. Caruso, CDC/NIOSH, Cincinnati, OH.

Fatigue and Total Worker Health: Efforts at Dow K. Millison, Dow Chemical Co., Bristol, PA.

Implementing a Fatigue Management Process: Lessons Learned B. Jones, Cheniere Energy, Inc., Cameron, LA.

Dead Tired: Reducing Fatigue Problems in Transportation K. Mapp, WMATA, Washington, DC.