Managing a Respiratory Protection Program: Applied Best Practices

Tuesday, May 24 | 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM


Legal, Regulatory, Guidelines, and Standards, Respiratory Protection

Arranger: J. Hauge, 3M, Saint Paul, MN. Moderator: J. Hauge, 3M, Saint Paul, MN. Monitors: P. Swearengen, Avon Protection, Cadillac, MI; M. Parham, Scott Health and Safety, Monroe, NC.

IH’s work to make sure that everyone who needs a respirator has a respirator, that it’s the correct respirator, that it fits, and that it’s cared for properly. This panel of industrial hygienists will share their lessons learned from administering a respiratory protection program, the challenges they have encountered and how they overcame them. The session will be provide two perspectives on some of the regulatory and consensus standards that guide the efforts of respiratory protection program administrators.

Practical Considerations and Lessons Learned from Managing a Respiratory Protection Program in a Manufacturing Facility for 550 Wearers D. Westrum, 3M, Hutchinson, MN.

It’s Deer Season and Other Lessons Learned on Campus P. Kostle, University Health Services/Environmental Occupational Health, Madison, WI.

Best Practice Tools for Respiratory Protection Programs in Healthcare M. D’Alessandro, CDC/NIOSH, Pittsburgh, PA.

Respiratory Protection Challenges: One Organization’s Efforts to Manage a Respiratory Protection Program for its Health Care Providers across the Globe K. Bradford, Department of State, Potomac, MD.

Inheriting the Respiratory Protection Program at a Modern Research University D. Toon, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Amherst, MA.

Case Study in Respirator Program Evaluations in Acute Care Hospitals M. Sietsema, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Quality Partnerships Enhance Respiratory Protection R. Metzler, Richard W Metzler Inc., Houston, PA.

OSHA Regulatory Compliance Requirements for Respiratory Protection Program Administrators L. Nieves, USDOL/OSHA, Washington, DC.