Biker Patch Rules And Etiquette

If you are going to be wearing a biker patch, you need to know the rules and etiquette that surround this. The reason for this is that your actions will be a reflection on all of the bikers in your area. This is true if you belong to a club or if you are an independent.

Every Club Has Their Own Rules

The most important part of biker patch rules and etiquette is knowing that every biker club will have their own rules for their patches. If you are a member of a club, you need to follow the rules that they have. If there is anything in the rules that you do not understand, you should ask for clarification instead of just assuming that you know what it means. Most clubs will allow you to wear a memorial patch on your vest, but you need to ask first because some clubs have specific placements.

If you are thinking of having a patch made, it is a good idea first to become familiar with the patches of the local clubs. If possible, you should show your design to the clubs for approval. This is not necessary, but it is a sign of respect to the clubs and the patches that they have. One of the popular online patch store provides a detailed information on various rules related to biker patches.

Patches And Colors

Many people assume that the patch and color have the same rules applied to them, but this is not always the case. The more traditional motorcycle clubs have different views on the patch and the color. These clubs will see the patch as being the property of riding clubs, and it is something that can be bought.

The colors are a bit different as they are seen by the traditional motorcycle clubs as belonging to the motorcycle club and not the riding club. This difference means that the colors will need to be earned and cannot be bought. Buying the motorcycle club colors is seen as a sign of disrespect and should be avoided.

When dealing with motorcycle clubs, the most important rule for biker patches is that colors symbolize commitment. You need to keep this in mind when you put on any patches. There is also the fact pointed out by that different patches will mean different things to different riders and riding clubs.

1 And 2 Piece Patches

When you look at the different patches on the market, you should consider what they mean to the different clubs and riders. A 1-piece patch will represent a social motorcycle club, a family club or a riding club. Most 1-piece patches will be approved of by other motorcycle clubs unless they logo has been copied from somewhere else. You may also have problems if the patch is very similar to the local motorcycle club.

The 2-piece patch is a bit different as it can mean many different things. If you want to be safe with a 2-piece patch, you need to ensure that the design of the patch does not encroach on the patches of the local motorcycle clubs.

3 Piece Patches

A 3-piece patch is used to symbolize the rider being a member of a traditional motorcycle club or an outlaw club. 3-piece patches will have a top rocker that has to bear the name of the club. The center of the patch will have the official patch of the club while the bottom rocker will have the territory of the club.

The bottom rocker of these patches may also have a motto or saying. It is important that new riders not wear a 3-piece patch. If you are part of a new MC that wants to wear a patch like this, you will need to get the approval of the established clubs in your area first.


The curved patches at the top and bottom are known as rockers, and riding clubs or independents cannot wear them. The only time they can be worn is if they have been approved by the dominant riding club in the area. Any social riding club should not claim a territory which is what rockers will do. It is also important that you not have the state name on your vest unless the club has approved this.

Other Patches

There are other patches that you need to be aware of, particularly those worn by outlaw bikers. One of these patches is the 1% patch which is a reference to the statement made by the American Motorcycle Association which states that 99% of bikers abide by the law. 1% patches are only worn by outlaw bikers while 99% patches are worn by other bikers to indicate that they are not outlaw bikers.

The #13 patch should also be noted as this patch also has a special meaning. The patch refers to the 13th letter of the alphabet M. It is believed that bikers who wear this patch use or deal drugs such as marijuana.

The 9 patch indicates that the biker has Indian blood and refers to the 9th letter of the alphabet. The ace of spades patch indicates that the biker is willing to fight to the death for their rights. A patch with a flag design will relate to the country of the biker.

There are many rules that you need to be aware of with biker patches for jackets and vests. If you are a member of a club, you will need to follow the rules that they have set out. If you are an independent, you need to know the patches of the local clubs and how they will perceive any of the patches that you have.

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