Progress in Improving Occupational and Environmental Health in Bangladesh After the Rana Plaza Building Collapse

Wednesday, May 25 | 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM


Emerging Markets/Global IH/OH Standards of Care, Environmental Issues, Social Concerns

Arranger: G. Brown, OSHA – Retired, El Cerrito, CA. Moderator: J. Henshaw, Cardo ChemRisk, Sanibel, FL. Monitors: H. Arabzadeh, HRA Environmental Services, Irvine, CA; M. Cooper, Exponent, Menlo Park, CA.

Speakers will highlight the progress made to date and continuing challenges in addressing occupational and environmental health hazards in Bangladesh’s export garment industry. Presentations will describe the ongoing factory inspection and hazard correction initiatives; the need for rehabilitation and return-to-work programs for injured workers; efforts to control and reverse industrial pollution of Bangladesh’s vital waterways; and initiatives to develop both professional and grassroots capacity in occupational and environmental health in this resource-poor country which has become the second largest exporter of apparel in the world.

Progress in Garment Factory Inspections and the Establishment of a Worker-Community OHS Academy G. Brown, OSHA – Retired, El Cerrito, CA.

Self-Efficacy, Disability and Physical Strength of the Injured Workers: Findings from the Rana Plaza Disaster in Bangladesh H. Alamgir, University of Texas School of Public Health, San Antonio, TX.

Development of a Training Course for Wastewater Treatment Management S. Mansdorf, Sustainability Consultants, Boca Raton, FL.

Building the Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health Center at the Dhaka Community Hospital Trust D. Dobbin, NIEHS – Retired, Chapel Hill, NC.