Sample Agendas by Career Stage

Not sure what to do this year at AIHce? Identify your career stage and see what your peers have suggested as a typical agenda for their career stage.

Student-intern IH-OH ProfessionalStudent/Intern

Generally new to the IH pathway, a student or intern is just beginning their first forays into the career.


Early Career IH-OH ProfessionalEarly Career

Early Career Professionals (ECPs) have completed their initial education / training regimes and are generally within the first five years of their career path.


IH-OH ProfessionalProfessional

An IH professional is one who has (or is on their way to) become a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and has spent a few years within the industry. Often, they are in a managerial  position or oversee one or more projects, and are active within the IH community.


Senior IH-OH ProfessionalSenior Professional

A Senior Professional has moved into a more leadership-oriented role and are considered at the top of the IH pathway. They are considered experts in their field and their actions often have worldwide impact within the industry.