Important Registration Information

On the pathway to Baltimore, there is some important information to keep in mind so your journey is as smooth as possible.

Looking for fees? See the comprehensive fee table for this year’s conference and exposition.

All participants at AIHce 2016 must be registered and display the official conference badge to be admitted to conference functions. Badges are non-transferable.


LIABILITY: I acknowledge that I will be participating in AIHce 2016 events and activities of my own free will and intention, and I am fully aware that possible physical injury to me or damage to my property might occur as a result of my participation in these events and activities. I assume responsibility for all risks associated with my participation in these events and activities. By registering for this conference, for myself, my estate and my heirs, I hereby release and discharge and agree to indemnify and forever hold harmless AIHA, ACGIH, and their members, managers, officers, directors, agents, volunteers, representatives, and employees, from any and all causes of action and damages arising from or relating to my participation in AIHce, and any travel associated therewith, except to the extent caused solely by AIHA’s or ACGIH’s negligence or misconduct. I also agree not to allow any other individual to participate in my place (unless I notify AIHA of the need for a substitution for my conference registration in advance and such individual executes the registration form and any required agreements and releases).

CONSENT TO USE PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES: AIHce will build a photo, quote, and video library of AIHce 2016 that AIHA may use for its internal and external purposes. By participating in AIHce, you grant AIHA the right to use your photograph for such purposes. In the event that we interview, film and record your words, AIHA will seek your express permission. All photographs, recordings, and quotes shall become the property of AIHA and may be displayed, distributed, or used by AIHA for any such purpose, and in any media, whether print, electronic or on the AIHA or AIHce websites, and without payment of any royalty to you.


Requests for cancellations, substitutions, and refunds must be submitted in writing to AIHce 2016. Phone calls will not be accepted. AIHce Full Conference refunds are subject to a $150 processing fee. One-Day and Expo Only registrations and all PDCs are subject to a $75 processing fee each. Student Registrations are subject to a $25 processing fee.

  • To receive a full refund (less processing fees), cancellations must be received on or before April 18, 2016.
  • A 50 percent refund (less processing fees) will be processed if request is received between April 19 and May 4.
  • No refunds will be processed for requests received on or after May 5 or for no shows; however, registration fees may be applied to register for the Virtual AIHce.

Guest tickets, tickets to Technical Tours, AIHF Pin and Fun Run/Walk purchases, Virtual Conference, and On Demand registrations are non-refundable. Refunds will be issued approximately 2 weeks post-conference.

No additional charges will be incurred for substitutions if the individual who is assuming the registration is eligible for the same rates as the original registrant. If the replacement individual is ineligible for the same rates, they must pay the balance due before the registration will be transferred.


You must be an individual member of AIHA or ACGIH with 2016 individual member dues fully paid to qualify for member registration rates.


Every effort will be made to ensure that the program schedule and events remain as published. However, unforeseen changes may occur. AIHce reserves the right to make changes to the program. The AIHce Mobile App and the Final Program will be the most up-to-date. Use these resources while at the conference to ensure you have the most recent changes.


Whenever possible, arrangements will be made for physical accommodations, provided AIHce has received prior notice.

AIHce, the Baltimore Convention Center, and all AIHce contracted hotels abide by the regulations of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Baltimore Convention Center does not have wheelchair or scooter rentals onsite; however, attendees may rent wheelchairs or scooters from one of the suppliers below and have them delivered to the convention center for use during AIHce.


Scoot Around America
(888) 441-7575

(410) 480-8360

Lenox Medical Supply Company
(866) 474-4356

BW Medical Supply Baltimore
(410) 702-5131


Fairfield Medical, Inc.
Manual Wheelchair Rental Only
(410) 298-5500

James Pharmacy
Manual Wheelchair Rental Only
(410) 752-5810

Kirson Medical Equipment Company
Manual Wheelchair Rental Only
(410) 391-1811

L & M Medical, Inc.
Manual Wheelchair Rental
(410) 683-9600

Manual Wheelchair Rental Only
(410) 327-7252


Whenever possible, arrangements will be made for those with dietary restrictions or allergies, provided AIHce has received prior notice. Indicate your requirements when you register, and we will contact you to further discuss details. For those requesting special meals during registration, you will receive a ticket with your badge listing the type of meal you will receive. Give this ticket to any staff member at the meal function indicated, and you will be given your special meal.