Donald E. Cummings Award Lecture

Wednesday, May 25 | 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM



A Modest Proposal: Leverage Our Deep, Diverse and Adaptive Capacity

Presenter: Fred Boelter, RHP Risk Management Inc., Boise, ID.

A healthy and sustainable economy will always need healthy workers and a healthy environment.  Our profession has a past and future requiring of us inquisitiveness, endless learning and reinvention.  Advances in knowledge and technology, changing expectations, re-definitions of the workplace, blurred lines between occupational and non-occupational, new forms of the built environment, and globalization have placed extraordinary demands on us to meet the needs of stakeholders.  Who isn’t a stakeholder when questions and concerns arise and decisions are required regarding health, safety and the environment?   In this perpetually risky natural and man-made world of ours, stakeholders judge consequences but nevertheless want to feel safe.  However, reducing risk is neither free nor absolute.  Characterizing, communicating, and managing risk has always been the domain of our profession but risk is a demanding, imprecise, and fickle subject well beyond exposure.  Charting a clear pathway rooted in science and packaged in practical if not pragmatic practice allows us to adapt and progress toward expanded and continued leadership and influence.