Industrial Hygiene Analytical Laboratory Management and Operation

Thursday, May 26 | 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Laboratory Health and Safety, Special

Arranger: R. Lieckfield Jr., Bureau Veritas North America, Inc., Novi, MI.

Managing an efficient IH analytical laboratory operation in the era of (1) expanding accreditation requirements, (2) recruiting, training, and managing a new generation of staff, (3) applying new technologies, and (4) growing the laboratory business presents new challenges for laboratory professionals. The goal of this session is to present new approaches to meet these challenges.

Presenters: C. Morton, AIHA, Falls Church, VA; C. Ostrowski, CAO Consulting, Rochester Hills, MI; C. Laszcz-Davis, The Environmental Quality Organization, LLC, Lafayette, CA; T. Martin, Martin Personnel and Placement Services, Oaklyn, NJ; T. Hall, IHSR, LLC, Edmond, OK; A. Gallo, Bureau Veritas North America, Inc., Raynham, MA; T. Gresik, Perkin Elmer, Shelton, CT; J. Unangst, SGS Galson Laboratories, East Syracuse, NY; L. Parker, Bureau Veritas North America, Inc., Novi, MI; D.  Kahane, Forensic Analytical, Hayward, CA.