Interesting OSHA Health Cases—Facts from the Field (Previously Known as the Glen Williamson Forum)

Thursday, May 26 | 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM


Industrial Hygiene General Practice, Legal, Regulatory, Guidelines, and Standards

Arranger: L. Daniel, USDOL, Atlanta, GA. Moderator: T. Jordan, USDOL/OSHA, Sandy, UT. Monitors: M. O’Donnell, USDOL/OSHA, McLean, VA; T. Harrison, USDOL, Washington, DC; A. Towey, OSHA Training Institute, Arlington Heights, IL.

OSHA safety and health professionals have the opportunity to investigate a vast array of physical, chemical, and biological exposures. This session is designed to highlight six OSHA investigations that are outside the norm or of particular interest. During this Forum we will review the findings of some of OSHA’s most interesting enforcement cases, serving to enlighten all regarding industrial hygiene practice in American work places.

Occupational Scleroderma from Respirable Aluminum Exposure. H. Waterhouse, US Dept. of Labor/OSHA, New York, NY.

Methylene Chloride Overexposure While Deglazing. S. Ford, US Dept,. of Labor/OSHA, Tucker GA.

TNT Exposure During Mine De-Milling Process. A. Rose, US Dept. of Labor/OSHA, San Francisco, CA.

Combustible Dust Hazards and Overexposures to Noise & Particulates Not Otherwise Regulated. T. Parker, US Dept. of Labor/OSHA, Birmingham, AL.

Heat Stress and Plastic Recycling. J. Gonzalez, US Dept. of Labor/OSHA, Mobile AL.

Exposure to Formaldehyde at the Anatomy Lab. M. Santiago, US Dept. of Labor/OSHA, Fort Lauderdale, FL.