Life Cycle of a Hazardous Drug

Tuesday, May 24 | 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Hazardous Chemicals, Healthcare

Arranger: S. Carry, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA. Moderator: J. Rice, Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake City, UT. Monitors: M. Jones, Iowa City VA Health Care System, Iowa City, IA; M. Zock, FedEx Ground, Moon Township, PA.

Organizations struggle implementing the myriad of requirements and guidance that pertain to the management of hazardous drugs. Presenters will take attendees on a journey of the life cycle of a hazardous drug to provide compliance and operational insights on the management of hazardous drug programs. Information will go from the conception and setting of occupational exposure limits for pharmaceuticals to delving into how and why a pharmaceutical makes the NIOSH hazardous drug list and exploring the implications of USP <800> and waste management.

Hazardous Drugs Make Medicines M. Stone, Biogen, Research Triangle Park, NC.

Development of the NIOSH List of Hazardous Drugs T. Connor, CDC/NIOSH, Cincinnati, OH.

Hazardous or Not? The Industrial Hygiene Dilemma A. Scott, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.

Update on Engineering Controls for Compliance with USP Chapter J. Wagner, Controlled Environment Consulting, Hellertown, PA.

Is It a Hazardous Drug, a Hazardous Waste, or Both? C. Smith, WMSS PharmEcology Services, Milwaukee, WI.

Operational Impacts of Adhering to NIOSH and USP 800 Standards C. Bennett, Kaiser Permanente, Fresno, CA.