Pallet Rack Safety: Part Deux

Monday, May 23 | 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM


Legal, Regulatory, Guidelines, and Standards, Safety

Arranger: L. Sedlak, ITT ICS, Irvine, CA. Moderator: N. Orr, Becton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, NJ. Monitors: D. Maser, Enviroair Consultants, Inc., Chesterfield, MI; M. McFarland, Joliet Job Corps Center, Joliet, IL.

Pallet rack safety is a complex issue involving the need to understand the engineering and design of systems, safe material handling, fall protection, building layout, fire protection, and the regulatory landscape in order to maintain and ensure safe operation. Speakers will discuss what factors go into the design of systems, material handling, employee safety, customer safety and a system to maintain and create a safe environment.

Pallet Rack Safety Revisited L. Sedlak, ITT ICS, Irvine, CA.

Design and Loading of Custom Rack Systems J. Lucas, Master Engineers & Designers, Lynchburg, VA.

Fire Protection in Racking Systems B. Wunderlich, Factory Mutual Engineering, Reston, VA.

Implementing and Auditing Pallet Rack Safety Programs—Practical Aspects of Pallet Rack Safety in Manufacturing and Industrial Distribution Facilities D. Hancock, Spectrum Brands HHI, Wyomissing, PA.