The ANSI Z9.11 Laboratory Decommissioning Standard: Recent Revisions and Practical Applications

Wednesday, May 25 | 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM


Environmental Issues, Laboratory Health and Safety

Presenter: R. Kleinerman, Kleinerman & Associates, Environmental Health & Safety Consulting, LLC, E. Palo Alto, CA.

The ANSI Z9.11 subcommittee was chartered to develop guidelines on decommissioning a laboratory, with emphasis on the risk assessment process. This standard assumes that laboratories are inherently safe environments, and the decommissioning methods should be selected based on both the risk assessment and future use of the facility. The focus of this session is to provide the Industrial Hygienist and other EHS professionals an overview of the standard, the “process” for determining what actions are required to properly decommission a laboratory given its current and future use, and some practical considerations for applying the elements of the standard in the field.