The Dangers of Low-Bid Contracting

Monday, May 23 | 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM


Construction, Management

Arranger: S. Fess,KEMRON Environmental Services/ Xerox Corporation, Webster, NY. Moderator: M. Soltis, Evoqua Water Technologies LLC, Warrendale, PA. Monitor: S. Mahoney, Con Edison of NY, Inc., Bronx, NY.

With tight budgets and construction costs climbing, owners are often tempted to award jobs to the lowest bidder. What are the consequences of such decisions? Can cheap also be safe? These questions and more will be discussed from a variety of industry participants including owner representatives, contractor representatives, insurance representatives, and government officials. Alternatives such as responsible bidding laws and best-value contracting will be discussed as well. The AIHA Construction Committee pre-qualification document will also be highlighted.

The Low Bid Contractor—An Insurance Industry Perspective C. Heinlein, American Contractors Insurance Group, Wexford, PA.

Dangers of the Low BidAn Owner’s Perspective S. Fess, KEMRON Environmental Services/Xerox Corporation, Webster, NY.

Understanding the Risks of Contracting and Avoiding Unrealistic Bids W. Piispanen, AECOM, Boise, ID. *WITHDRAWN*

The Danger of the Low Bid Contracting Method—Something has to Give J. Brownlie, Crosby Brownlie, Inc., Rochester, NY.

The Foundation for Fair ContractingHelping Create Equal Opportunities for Responsible Contractors A. Gamella, ACT Ohio, Columbus, OH.